To play a key role in forming a “ Technology World to understand embedded Technology and Device to Device Communication in the area of Automation or Automotive, Command and Control (Defense), and Telecommunication Industries (ACT), Automatic Control ,related Communication and Time Critical application areas (ACT).

Our awareness and training division embeddedACT is conducting Awareness events, Conferences, Training programs. ( We are providing Cost effective Technology Solutions and ODM Services with offices in SE Asia and India, having strong services network in India, Taiwan, Korea via network of Services Companies, Solution Providers and providing Resources to technology R&D company – in short, eACT wishes to provide “complementing Embedded and Communication Software Services to companies !”

We provide corporate training and public training in South east  Asia, India in the Telecommunication, Embedded Topics, Linux Kernel Topics, Device Software topics, and latest technology topics in the industry.

We provide technology awareness and training programs involving hands on experienced engineers, Visiting professors from distinguished universities from Australia, Korea, India and Singapore. We are pioneering in developing Induction programs for vertical industries like automotive, network processors, wireless, telecom and related device software and embedded topics and the related IT technology high end courses.